We Master In International Trade

Why VIT Trading Company? Our multinational trading team has demonstrated partners from around the world – from China, France, Germany, South America, and the Middle East. We are a solid company with over 30 years of experience and relationships.

VIT Trading Company is built on the success of our customers. We have over 30 years of experience in trading. Prior to the internet, our import and export team traveled the world to develop relationships with suppliers. While the internet has helped with communications, we continue to meet face to face with many of our suppliers and customers. Building relationships and trust form the foundation of our company.


VIT Trading Company trade a variety of rice from all over the world. Rice is a staple for nearly half of the world's seven billion people. However, more than 90% of this rice is consumed in Asia, where it is an essential food source for a majority of the population, including the region's 560 million hungry people.

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Sugar is a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants. Sugar occurs in greatest quantities in sugar cane and sugar beets from which it is separated for commercial use. VIT Trading Company specializes in trading the two most widely used types of sugar, both in the food industry and for domestic usage.

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VIT sources coffee from Africa and South America. Coffee is a brewed beverage made from the roasted seeds, or “beans,” of the coffee plant. The coffee plant is a shrub native to subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, although the plant is now cultivated throughout Central and South America as well.

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Steel Products

Continuous development in Electric Arc Furnaces & Ladle Technology has led to the need of Graphite Electrodes of very stringent quality. Emergence of DRI, HBI, Sponge Iron as potential source of raw material as against steel scrap revolutionized Electric Steel Making Industry, Higher Capacities of Electric Arc Furnace with bigger size, UHP Electrodes are common requirements of Electric Steel Industry. The emphasis is on better consumption norms & least electro mechanical problems.CEL keeps abreast of technological developments in EAF's at its customers end in order to carry on R & D efforts to meet their ever-changing and or their demanding requirements.

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VIT sources soy from the United States and Canada. We work directly with farmers in the Midwestern States to obtain soy. Soy, a bean, is found in foods like soy milk, soy sauce, miso (soybean paste), tempeh (which is kind of like a soy cake)....

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Other Markets

VIT Trading has relationships with suppliers throughout the world. We are constantly attending trade shows and meeting suppliers to obtain other products for our customers....

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Pharmaceutical Products

VIT and its affiliates, promote products from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia in a Global market for Pharmaceutical Products

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